TanakhCast: The Pro-Forma Blessing and Perfunctory Apology Edition!

In this week’s episode: Genesis 48-50.  We examine the coda of the Yosef story and the attempts to tie up all the loose ends in this family drama.  Through the lengthy blessings of the brothers, we look at the convention of blessings in the Tanakh.  And through the brothers’ final ruse, we will consider the importance of the apology as a necessary lubricant in human relations.  And if this reads as repetitive, I am sorry.

ICYMI, the Kickstarter apology can be found here.  Coverage of Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling’s total bullsh&t apology can be found here.  Speaking of bullsh&t apologies, if you have the stomach, why not read coverage about lame offerings from John Sununu and Gareth Evans?  And no discussion about apologies would be complete without a TOP TEN LIST!

TanakhCast: The Cupbearing and Oneiromancy Edition!

In this week’s episode: Genesis 40-43.  We examine the role of cupbearer in Egypt and Westeros as well as how, for Yosef, dreams are not the royal road to the unconscious, but the path to royalty in the court of Pharaoh.

ICYMI, Nizam al-Mulk’s Book of Government can be found here.

TanakhCast: The Commentaries Weigh In and Man Up Edition!

In this week’s episode: Genesis 32-35.  We examine yet another disturbing story in the Tanakh – the rape of Dinah – and how commentators of various persuasions (male and female, strident and stodgy) have understood the incident.  We also consider how female sexuality and sex work challenge male notions of propriety and morality – and how, in the Tanakh, it usually ends badly for everyone.  Sigh.

BTW, Ellen Frankel’s Five Books Of Miriam: A Woman’s Commentary on the Torah can be purchased here and Elyse Goldstein’s Women’s Torah Commentary can be purchased here.

TanakhCast: The What Comes Around Goes Around Edition!

In this week’s episode: Genesis 28-31.  Alongside with numerous Beastie Boys references, we consider a popular corollary to the notion of biblical justice and ponder the role of commentaries in our understanding of Tanakh.  So here’s a-nother one for y’all to peep.  It’s called T-A-N-A on the K-H-C.

BTW, the link to the New York Times article about the near-toppling of an Israeli government because of a “disparaging” comment about King David can be found here.

TanakhCast: The Unconscionably Contracted Hairier Than You Edition!

In this week’s episode: Genesis 24-27.  We examine the rivalry between Yaakov and Esav from the perspective of bad names, bad contracts and bad blood.  Though free-marketeers cry Caveat Emptor, we consider the raw deal Yaakov offered Esav and the further raw dealing (and goat-hair-wearing) implicating Rivkah and Yitzhak at the expense of Esav.

BTW, the link to the Freakonomics episode about names can be found here.