TanakhCast #129: The Not-Zombie Apocalypse Edition

Dolores O’Riordan ז״ל

In this week’s episode: Ezekiel 36-39.  We continue in the book of Ezekiel with some thoughts about non-zombies and the apocalypse.

And, in case y’all don’t believe me about Dubya talking to Jaques Chirac about Gog and Magog, you can read the items in the Atlantic, Mother Jones and Foreign Policy for yourselves.  #Truth.




TanakhCast #91: The Not a Misplaced Comma Edition

In this week’s episode: Isaiah 4-7.  We continue in the book of Isaiah with a consideration of contentious language and religious dogma.

And ICYMI from the 19th century, the record of the 43rd Congress where esteemed representatives argued about the very expensive misplaced comma.



TanakhCast #59: The Writerly Text Edition

In this week’s episode: Judges 8-11.  We continue in the Book of Judges with an examination of stories which make demands of their listeners, and how a little work of unpacking goes a long way in internalizing the meaning.