TanakhCast: The Cooties Edition!

LOCALADV DIGITAL PHOTO BY JUSTIN BEST Cooties for a Kristi column.In this week’s episode: Leviticus 4-7.  We explore what kind of near-offering Anthony Weiner would bring had he offended during the time of the Dwelling and how tum’ah is a form of cooties that has greater ramifications beyond getting that circle-circle-dot-dot-now-you-have-a-cootie-shot.



TanakhCast: The Shocking and Disgusting Content Edition!

High_Priest_Offering_Sacrifice_of_a_GoatIn this week’s episode: Leviticus 1-3.  We explore a list of shockingly and disgustingly explicit instructions relating to the offering of near-offerings, and how many kohens and Levites there might be who would find these instructions useful.  We also consider what Nobel prize winning author Shai Agnon would have said about Third Temple enthusiasts offering the Paschal Lamb today.

ICYMI, here, here and here are some studies about “Y-Chromosomal Aaron”.

And the crowd-obscured YouTube video of the paschal lamb offering can be found here … get it while it’s hot!