TanakhCast #55: The Bulwark Against Injustice Edition


lotteryIn this week’s episode: Joshua 16-19.  We consider how, sometimes, pulling a pebble out of a hat is a much fairer way to make a decision about who gets to pick the restaurant or who gets to settle in the hill country or who gets to run our democracy.  Yes.  Democracy.  Even that quack Aristotle thought so too.

TanakhCast #53: The War is Hell Edition


MTE1ODA0OTcxNzg0NjM1OTE3In this week’s episode: Joshua 8-11.  We explore life during wartime and conquest in Kena’an and consider how William Tecumseh Sherman and Yehoshua sought to make the best of a bad situation.  And when I say “best”, I mean “best” for the winning side and utter annihilation for the losers.

And, as promised, a link to the top ten battles in history, compliments of historian and retired Lt. Colonel Michael Lee Lanning.

TanakhCast #52: The WMD and AAH Edition


Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark-indiana-jones-23709035-843-366In this week’s episode: Joshua 4-7.  We explore how the Ark of the Covenant, which inspired Jewish warriors, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, also functioned as a weapon of mass distraction – and how, perhaps, it could have been inspired by extraterrestrial technology.

The ever-compelling Radiolab episode on the walls of Jericho can be found here.

As well as the piece I came across from io9 about how mainstream Christian theology would react to extraterrestrial life. 

In a word, BADLY.

TanakhCast #51: The Meaningful Echo Edition


In this week’s episode: Joshua 1-3.  We launch the “Prophetic” middle section of the Tanakh and pick up right where things left off at the end of the Torah.  We consider the use of the meaningful echo and the ironic echo as Yehoshua prepares the Jews for crossing the Jordan River … and boy, are their arms going to be tired!

And here’s that piece by Jesse David Fox about Mad Men’s comedic side.