TanakhCast #107: The Eponym Edition

In this week’s episode: Jeremiah 1-3.  We begin the book of Jeremiah with a consideration of names or nouns formed after a person.

And ICYMI, the Roman Mars and Helen Zaltzman’s two-part collaboration about eponyms can be found here and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History about the Achaemenids can be found here.





TanakhCast #91: The Not a Misplaced Comma Edition

In this week’s episode: Isaiah 4-7.  We continue in the book of Isaiah with a consideration of contentious language and religious dogma.

And ICYMI from the 19th century, the record of the 43rd Congress where esteemed representatives argued about the very expensive misplaced comma.



TanakhCast #71: The Unnamed Purpose-Built Capital Edition

New_Cairo_Map-ArabicIn this week’s episode: 2 Samuel 4-7.  We continue in the Book of 2 Samuel: Die Harder with a look at newly built capital cities and the practical and symbolic significance for the nations they represent.