TanakhCast #131: The 40 Acres and a Mule Edition

In this week’s episode: Ezekiel 44-48.  We conclude the book of Ezekiel with some thoughts about equalization and reparation.

And ICYMI, you can read the alarming and depressing “The Road to Zero Wealth” by Chuck Collins, Dedrick Asante-Muhammed, Emanuel Nieves, and Josh Hoxie here.

AND if you’re interested in the argument as to why black Americans deserve even more than repayment for slavery, read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “The Case for Reparations” here.




TanakhCast #107: The Eponym Edition

In this week’s episode: Jeremiah 1-3.  We begin the book of Jeremiah with a consideration of names or nouns formed after a person.

And ICYMI, the Roman Mars and Helen Zaltzman’s two-part collaboration about eponyms can be found here and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History about the Achaemenids can be found here.