TanakhCast: The Moral Hazard Edition!

istock_000003834478mediumIn this week’s episode: Deuteronomy 12-15.  We look at the Shemitta or “Release” and consider the arguments for and against debt forgiveness before concluding that besides being the right thing to do, it might stimulate economic growth and make our lives better!

And if you’re curious about the millennium debt forgiveness movement, click here.

TanakhCast: The Piece of My Heart Edition!

crying-babyIn this week’s episode: Deuteronomy 8-11.  We consider for a moment what we would eat on a bagel while an eight day old boy has his foreskin excised and ponder more profoundly other metaphors related to foreskins and their removal.

TanakhCast: The Moral Panic Edition!

panic-disorder-971In this week’s episode: Deuteronomy 4-7.  We explore the favourite sport of the elder generation – worrying about the future and the dissolute behaviour of young folk who indulge in the carnal rites of Ba’al and consider whether society is really in peril when those same youngsters eventually become the elders.

TanakhCast: The Andre the Giant’s Bedstead Edition!

leadimageendre-princess-bride-1634405122In this week’s episode: Deuteronomy 1-3.  We launch the Book of Deuteronomy with a look at the early hortations of Moshe’s farewell address and puzzle over what is arguably the first attempt to fabulize recent events by inflating them (and furniture) into titanic proportions.

The article on ever-taller Europeans (and plateau-ing Americans) can be found here.