TanakhCast: The Taxonomy of Endings Edition!

hqdefaultIn this week’s episode: Deuteronomy 32–34.  We look at how television series wrap things up and consider whether Moshe’s departure from the people proves to be a fitting end to the Torah.

And here’s the piece by Jason Mittell about The Wire and Lost.

And here are the endings for Newhart, St. Elsewhere, Cheers and Six Feet Under.

TanakhCast: The Remembering and the Telling Episode!

53fbae97d4f430b7f97d53d93c86c742b7c237462281a14ea0cb25f633236bbcIn this week’s episode: Deuteronomy 24-27.  We examine (once again) remembrance and how memory is mustered and bolstered through the simple act of recitation.  Listen closely then repeat after me.

And you can find the most excellent Radiolab podcast about weights and measures here.

TanakhCast: The Disposable Female Bodies Edition!

guerilla-girls-poster-2005In this week’s episode: Deuteronomy 20-23. We consider biblical police procedurals, women as corpses or eye-candy and how men can unlearn how to treat women badly.  And yes, I said MEN.

And the Jess Zimmerman piece about #NOTALLMEN is here.

TanakhCast: The Redeem My Blood Edition!

reddawn-avenge-meIn this week’s episode: Deuteronomy 16-19.  We explore the novel legal construct of “home free” for accidental murderers, and how a sanctuary system once set up for unintentional killers has been employed to shelter asylum seekers from persecution.  And, last, we consider the practicality of private revenge and the rights of the blood-redeemer in the present day.