TanakhCast #71: The Unnamed Purpose-Built Capital Edition

New_Cairo_Map-ArabicIn this week’s episode: 2 Samuel 4-7.  We continue in the Book of 2 Samuel: Die Harder with a look at newly built capital cities and the practical and symbolic significance for the nations they represent.


TanakhCast #69: The Monolatrist Henotheist Edition

Abraham_IdolsIn this week’s episode: Samuel 28-31.

We conclude the Book of Samuel with a look at Shaul’s final days as king and living person and why the Tanakh, though highly critical of it, doesn’t aggressively debunk sorcery.



TanakhCast #66: The Spolia Opima Edition

single-combatIn this week’s episode: Samuel 16-19.

We continue in the Book of Samuel with an examination of the age-old tradition of single combat.

And ICYMI, Malcolm Gladwell’s New Yorker piece on David and Goliath.