What's a Next Jew?

...because it could be YOU.

Excerpted from End of the Jews: Radical Breaks, Remakes and What Comes Next:

Let’s call her Rebecca.  She is already practicing a qualitatively different Judaism, profoundly rooted in the Judaism we know but expressed in a manner unrecognizable to many traditional Jews.  Rebecca is a digital native, living more Jewishly on the Web than offline.  She harnesses the wisdom of Jewish and non-Jewish crowds to forge knowledge and inspire action.  She blogs acerbically, parrying and thrusting about theology and practice.  She is radically democratic and pluralistic.  She is post-geographic, connecting eagerly with other Jews but not necessarily sharing their zip code.  She is tethered to the Jewish people but not affiliated, donated or denominated in the conventional way.  Her connection is based on consent, not descent and her level of engagement is determined by interest, not religious observance or compulsion.
She is as different from Abraham as can any Jew be – yet she still very much sees herself as his descendant.