cubs-win-18-by-24-print-ws-375x500I have cycled through the various Kübler Ross stages.

I began during the playoffs.  When my Cubs were making their history-making run for the World Series, I was also frequenting Nate Silver’s

Under the aegis of ESPN, the site tells stories using data and numbers.

I would head on over to FiveThirtyEight to track the election. I would check often. Sometimes three times a day.  Sometimes four.  I had to know how well or how bad Hillary’s chances were based on polling data and the other ingredients Silver and associates added to the secret sauce.  Eyes of newt, perhaps?

And I would also look at the right column which had baseball data.  At first, sixteen teams and their chances at making it to the Big Show.  Then eight.  Then four.  And when it counted – the World Series itself – it did not look good AT ALL for the Cubbies.

And then someone flippantly observed: Trump has a better chance of being President than the Cubs have at winning the World Series.

My stomach dropped.

But that feeling of the plunge dissipated when, in fact, Rizzo, Rossy, Zobrist, Schwarber and the boys finally brought it home on November 2nd.

And I reveled in that victory!  CUBS WIN!  CUBS WIN!  I could hear Harry Caray’s enthusiastic yelp ringing in my ears.

And then Donald Trump was elected President less than a week later.

And then Donald Trump appointed a venal antisemite to be his chief White House Advisor.

And then Donald Trump nominated a man who traffics in Islamophobic conspiracies to advise his national security team.

And then Donald Trump nominated a legislator who was deemed too racist to be a judge to be his attorney general.

This is the list as of right now.  I am sure the list will get longer.

And I guess this is what happens when the other team wins in politics.

They get to nominate, make the appointments, fill the posts, make the policies, and carry the day.

But for all the folks who are saying we should give President Elect Trump a chance, to wait and see what he really does (as opposed to what he says), I still cannot get past a simple truth.  (And yes, I know truth is in short supply these days.  This one is grandfathered in from before…)

When racists, antisemites, White nationalists, and the KKK are excited about something, decent people should worry about that thing.

If you are a decent person, you should be very worried right about now.


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