Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 10.10.20 AMOne year ago today, I uploaded the first episode of TanakhCast to iTunes.

Today, as in RIGHT NOW, you can download all 38 episodes of TanakhCast from the iTunes Store, or listen to recent episodes at SoundCloud or Stitcher Smart Radio.

In the coming episodes, we will be exploring Deuteronomy, the final book of the Torah… and after that, Episode 50 will launch the middle section of the Tanakh – the Nevi’im or Prophets.

Please do not feel the need to send presents or cards.   TanakhCast needs for nothing… but it was sweet of you to ask.

Howevever, if you really want to do something nice for TanakhCast on this special day, why not tell a friend about it?  Or write a review at the various platforms above?  Now that would be nice…


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