desert-island copyConsidering all the posturing (here, here and here, for example) about how Orthodox Judaism is real, authentic Judaism and Orthodox Jews are the standard bearers of a five-millennia-long tradition, and how, after all the progressives and fakers and poseurs and Reformies assimilate into the ethnic soup which is North America, only the true and loyal Orthodox will remain, here is some data-driven news from Pew Research.

Orthodox Judaism bleeds Jews too.

That is, among those raised Jewish by religion and Orthodox, 52% are not currently Orthodox.

That is, more than half of the folks raised Orthodox do not remain Orthodox.

So I suppose only 48% of the Orthodox are the real, authentic Jews who are the standard bearers of a five-millennia-long tradition… and considering that the Orthodox’s slice of the denominational pie approaches 10%, the 48-percenters are an ever smaller tranche of that Jewy pie.

How will real Judaism survive?

You can read the full report here.

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