I have written before (here and here) about why the Rabbinate, through its own hijinks, has proven to be an institution VERY worthy of, shall we say, “resource relocation”.  And then there’s that little matter of Women of the Wall

Here’s another.

In these troubled times, when the Jewish people are facing so many challenges (or so pulpit rabbis and mainstream machers tell us), our institutional leadership (Israel branch) has decided to take on an issue of monumental import: the regulation of the shape of dairy and non-dairy bourekas.

Three sides GOOD!  Four sides BAD!

Three sides GOOD! Four sides BAD!

It seems that folks with the fever for the flavour of bourekas overflowing with tasty fillings are confused and brain-addled by hunger… so much so that they cannot distinguish between meat and milk.

So, to the rescue, comes the Rabbinate with the following edict:  Square for pareve!  Triangle for dairy!  … OR LOSE YOUR KASHRUT CERTIFICATE!!

It does not end there.  There are also rules for puff pastry vs. filo dough as well as the shape of croissants and rugelach.

But before you begin railing against the pernicious creep of BIG RABBINATE and vote Republican, it seems that this latest round of rabbinic regulation is an update and/or clarification of a decades’ old practice.

The difference is that now, minhag has become mitzvah with the “appropriate” consequence and, more importantly, the appropriate regulatory apparatus has been deployed to keep Jews safe from defilement!   Baruch Hashem and pass that three-sided feta cheese with sun-dried tomato tasty immediately!

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