I wrote about this modest proposal some time ago, but it bears revisiting if only because the problem still exists and still vexes… and I find myself having eaten enough matzah variations … and there are still days to go before its done.  And though I eat kitniyot for all the obvious reasons and still have a bit of a snicker at the “clarification” about quinoa, I am still vexed by the inevitable culinary decline which is chag sheni.

who loves mofletaSo let’s get together, sign my petition at change.org or my petition to get President Obama to address this critical issue of the back-to-back Seders as Passover overkill and the institution of an Ashkenazi complement to Mimouna.

This is more important than Stephen Harper meeting a panda.

This is more important than the premier of Season 3 of “Game of Thrones” or all new episodes of Dr. Who.

Who’s with me?

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