I cannot wait until next Rosh Chodesh to see what else Natan has planned!  …Perhaps, as a bonus, we might get more of Gil Troy’s calls for maintaining the status quo which in effect kowtows to Haredi hegemony “compromise“!

(BTW, when Troy’s blogpost dropped, I called bullspit … but besides picking at what he called “a sloppy inaccurate and cliche historical analogy” when I wondered if he would counsel Rosa Parks to see reason about the back of the bus, he did not respond to my question about whether the Kotel belongs to the Jewish people or just to Jewish men… I am still waiting.)

You can read all the sad details of the arrests here.  BTW, Sarah Silverman’s sister and niece were among the women arrested.  You can read Sarah Silverman’s tweet about that here.

The poop might just be hitting the fan now, Natan.

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