When a poor man eats a chicken, there can be only one reason…

When Bibi fobs off redirects an issue to the head of the Jewish Agency and asks him to figure something out, there could be three reasons:

  1. This issue is so important to Bibi that he absolutely must have someone else resolve it.
  2. This issue of gender equality and religion commands the most urgent attention from government that it cannot be addressed by government.
  3. The solution ultimately devised by the Jewish Agency will have so much teeth, sharks will snicker amongst themselves.

Considering the rudderlessness of the Jewish Agency and its muddled mission of “identity building”, Bibi picked the perfect desk for what he perceives to be a pile of mess known as Women of the Wall, a group of women who have the chutzpah to insist on practicing Judaism at Judaism’s holiest site.

If I forget thee, O Kotel, let my right foot wither...

If I forget thee, O Kotel, let my right foot wither…

What Sharansky can do (that Bibi cannot) is look earnest as he considers the sides on this issue, tisk-tisking as well-meaning mostly North-American women demand to be equal participants in their own religion while coalition-connected Haredi rabbis form a penalty kick wall to defend the Kotel from feminist defilement.

Sharansky can continue to look perturbed as nothing is ultimately done (or perhaps, here’s a great idea, would y’all like to pray at Robinson’s Arch?)  and women continue to be arrested for the crime of bringing a tallit to the Kotel as they were last Friday.


He has an election to win and with support slipping away from Likud to the bloc of right-wing-religious nationalists (spearheaded by the homophobic Naftali Bennett of the rebooted “HaBayit HeYehudi” party) on his (hard-)right, Bibi looks resolute in protecting the sanctity of the Kotel (and his religious-nationalist base) while addressing an issue that North American Jews seem to care about in direct proportion to the number of votes these progressive North American Jews will be casting in January’s election – a number unsurprisingly too small to quantify.  …..AAAAAAALLLL!!!

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