It seems that antisemitism in the USA is DOWN by 13 percent in 2011.  What will the ADL do if antisemitism drops 15 percent in 2012?  Funny that, with such declining antisemitism, the ADL is not considering a “Mission Accomplished” moment and closing up shop.

And speaking of closing shop, the JFNA announced today that it was shutting down Otzma, one of those deep-context, long-term Israel programs that actually grounds North American Jews in the realities of Israeli life and goes on to produce alums (60 percent of which) who dedicate themselves to bettering the Jewish community in a way that 10 sleepless days on a bus can and does not.  (Read more about Otzma here.).

(And you can read all of the back-patting Brandeis stuff about Birthright – it still will not show how a majority of BRI alums go on to work in and for the Jewish community… because they do not.)

In other words, I blame Birthright.  …Not for the decline in antisemitism, of course.

For that, I thank Sarah Silverman.  And her dad.

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