One of the vagaries of the interwebs involves sites trending into the canon of the English language (i.e., to google) or suddenly disappearing, to be replaced with a lonesome 404 error page.

Tagged Tanakh, a site I wrote about in Part Three of  End Of The Jews, is no longer.  The idea behind the “collaborative platform” (which was supported by the Jewish Publication Society, a brick and mortar publisher of dead-tree editions) involved users tagging individual verses of the Tanakh and engaging with traditional content and each other.

Into the breach comes Sefaria, described (by Dan Sieradski’s FB post about the initiative) as:

all the texts of the Jewish tradition in one interactive, interconnected place. For free. To use and reuse. On the web, on the iPad, on your phone. In the original and in translation.

Sefaria’s goal is:

to build a comprehensive, and open-source, repository of all texts and their interconnections, created, edited, and annotated by an open community.

If you are in Manhattan on May 31, pop over to Mechon Hadar (190 Amsterdam Avenue) for a demo and discussion… and bring a laptop!

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