So despite protestations that the internet is destroying families and leading erlikhe yidden into the very pit of despair and all that, many folks were live tweeting the Asifa from Citifield last night … and it was not too long before the yiddishe kopf was busy at work coming up with tweet-cracks about the Asifa, including one from book-blurbster and all-around social media doyenne Esther K.

But what really kills me is that the linked-to YouTube clip of “40K Jews, Internet Asifa ASIFA KINUS ICHUD HAKEHILLOS” was taken down because … drum roll please:

If you do not believe me, follow this link.

“Hate Speech”?!  As in footage of Rebbe’im yelling “We HATE THE INTERNET!!!” in English and Yiddish?  YouTube really must have a weak stomach for criticism.  Yeesh.

Incidentally, here’s a piece by Adrianna Jeffries who pulled a Yentl to cover the event dressed as a man.  Papa, can you tweet me?  (I could not resist that one…  Sorry.)

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