"...our gain is your olam habbah so bid now and make this your Sha'ah Achas!"

In Part Three (aka “the Future”) of End Of The Jews, I write about how the Haredi community, despite the many, vituperative protestations otherwise, is fired and wired.

On May 20, CitiField will be filled with ultra-Orthodox Jews angry about the interweb.  (Apparently, the klakyisroel twitter account opened to promote the event [as reported by the Forward here] cannot be found… hmm…)

That the event is being advertised online and that tickets may be purchased via email (oh wait, the tickets are sold out – but worry not, the overflow crowds can watch on simulcast from the 20,000-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium nearby) did not strike anyone as ironic… but what did strike some as definitely ironic was the following item on eBay – scalped tickets for the Asifa!! 

Kippah-tip to Dan Seiradski for the link …

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