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Interesting-one major conflict is between the old guard that requires building and the #new #jews are tethered by communication not mortar

Very interesting look at #Haredi websites at the @dmendelsohnavivevent…may surf those later instead of #Facebook#Jewish

Very much looking forward to seeing @lisang shortly at@dmendelsohnaviv event at the @MNJCC shortly!

And just as #Jews have traditionally been #earlyadopter-s in things like printing, so has it been with the #Internet @dmendelsohnaviv

Inearly 2000s Jews responded to prevalence of #antiSemiticwebsites on Google by linking to the #Wikipedia art on #Jews to make 1st result

#connectivity is the new norm says @dmendelsohnaviv, and #Jewshave made real progress in solidifying a solid Jewish identity.

4 d’s- dissolution, disaffection, demographic delay, and disaffiliation all contributing to the fact that #Jewish-ness is transforming

@dmendelsohnaviv says his book title #EndoftheJews is abt transformation-look what happened after the destruction of 2nd Temple! #Jewish

About to hear about the face of the ‘New #Jew‘ from@dmendelsohnaviv at the @MNJCC in Toronto- I wonder if #twitter is going to come up?

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