Join me on June 4th at the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street (at Bloor).

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From the Festival Program:

1 PM | $5 at the door
Reinventing Israel and the Jews: David Berlin and Dr. Dan Mendelsohn Aviv
David Berlin is an Israeli-born journalist who grew up in Canada but served his Israeli military duty as part of Ariel Sharon’s reconnaissance unit. He has taught at several universities, founded The Walrus and was editor-in-chief of The Literary Review of Canada from 1998-2011. The Moral Lives of Israelis – Reinventing the Dream State, is a blend of memoir, reportage and original thinking about Israel in the world. Berlin asks: how can Israel move forward?

Dr. Dan Mendelsohn Aviv has been engaged in Jewish learning as an educator, lecturer, professor, and published scholar for almost twenty years. He has recently returned to his greatest passion: classroom instruction at the Toronto Heschel School. In End of the Jews: Radical Breaks, Remakes and What Comes Next, Aviv writes that the Jewish people have weathered radical breaks with their past and are doing so again in the present moment. Who and what is the next Jew?

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