I have to admit that Bibi can do it.

He is comfortable in front of the camera.  His Hebrew is flawless as is his English.

Though he could not divert from message enough to wish Israel a happy birthday without touting Likud achievements and pledging more of the same in the coming year, it was nice to hear that Bibi likes a good mangal.  But I quibble… Bibi delivered a lovely message to the People of Israel.

But then, in the final moments, Bibi could not leave well enough alone.  He had to close with a weak Hinei Mah Tov segue that faded out and faded in to a zip-cuffed singing cat and a warbling parrot too drunk to realize that the blender next to him was not another parrot.  Had Bibi not lamely segued, I would have thought that the segment was added on by #Anonymous or a BDS-supporting hacker hell-bent on embarrassing the Prime Minister.   It seems someone in the PMO thought this would be a fabulous way to end a clip recorded by Israel’s Head of State for the Israeli people to formally mark Israel’s birthday.

Perhaps you think I exaggerate.  Skip ahead to 1:04 …

Happy Birthday, Israel!  Happy Parrot, Bibi!

I cannot wait to see which CGI creatures close the Prime Minister’s clip next year … perhaps a hogtied Kipi ben Kipod and a libidinous hyrax from the Jordan Valley will sing Yachad …  ?

Give it some thought…

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