From the Facebook invite:

The Next Jew: Where Do We Go From Here?

Thursday, May 10, 2012 – 7:00-9:00pm

What will the Judaism of tomorrow look like? Join us for a lively discussion about Judaism 2.0 with our intrepid guide Dr. Dan Mendelsohn Aviv as the Miles Nadal JCC launches his new book, End Of The Jews: Radical Breaks, Remakes, And What Comes Next.

Following a shpiel from the author, participate in a panel discussion with “Next Jews” editor and analyst Lisa Goldman, community organizer and Jewish arts worker Janis Seftel, and activist and educator Isaac Kates Rose.

And don’t miss the trivia event Doritos or D’Oraita happening throughout the evening.

There will be prizes.

Co-presented by the Miles Nadal JCC and The Key Publishing House Inc.


If I have not invited you already or you want to read some more information about the trio of very engaging presenters, a quickie synopsis of the book or other fun facts about Facebook, the Miles Nadal JCC or you want to let Sharoni and the kind folks at the MNJCC that you want to come, click on over here and say YES!

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