In his March 18 NYT piece, Peter Beinart called for a boycott of settlements in the West Bank.  There.  He said it.

I wrote about the ensuing kerfuffle in an earlier post, and yes, since then the internet’s head exploded … or at least the yiddishe kopf portion of it…

Mm, mm, good!

What makes Beinart’s call so treyf for liberal Jews is that it puts them one-third of the way to BDS, a strategy which has become the de rigueur strategy of many Palestinian and pro-Palestinian activists and a red cape for the kosher-on-Israel Jewish right. But fear not, wannabe kosher keepers!  Whereas BDS seeks to blur the line between Green-Line Israel and its occupation of the West Bank and, as critics of BDS say, delegitimize them both, Beinart wants to draw a clear distinction between “democratic” and “undemocratic” Israel (which most folks would call “Palestine”).  In shunning the latter, Beinart argues, liberal Jews can save the former.

Interesting side note:  Had Beinart been an Israeli citizen, he would also be subject to a 2011 law which would make his call for a boycott a civil offense.  Anyone who felt targeted by his call could file a lawsuit and seek monetary damages even without proof of concrete harm.  Ouchies.  Perhaps “democratic” Israel needs a little lesson in some of the basic premises of free speech…

However you feel about BDS (and whether you readily confuse it with BDSM) or Peter Beinart, it is my understanding that Beinart does not want to make the BDS pig kosher, but he wants to kasher the boycott, rendering it bacon-flavoured.  (After all, wouldn’t you rather have people expressing their disapproval of settlements at the checkout counter instead of …?)   It will surely confuse the palate, but, hopefully, everyone will get used to it.

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