According to the TorahWikipedia:

naming rights are a financial transaction whereby a corporation or other entity purchases the right to name a facility, typically for a defined period of time. For properties like a multi-purpose arena, performing arts venue or an athletic field, the term ranges from three to 20 years. Longer terms are more common for higher profile venues such as a professional sports facility.

The distinctive characteristic for this type of naming rights is that the buyer gets a marketing property to promote products and services, promote customer retention and or increase market share.

And so, in the spirit of these difficult financial times in which we all live, a radical proposal for fiscal fluidity:  Selling the naming rights to the remaining Chagim in 5772 and the High Holydays of 5773.   This branding opportunity is a once in a millennium chance where a donor or corporation can really high-profile his or her name (‘cuz corporations are people, my friend) in the popular consciousness and make a tremendous impact on the lives of individual Jews and the Jewish community worldwide.

The Festival of Freedom is brought to you by Home Depot - More Savings, More Doing, No Chametz.

Imagine… now that Purim is over, we can all look forward to, say, the Home Depot Pesach™ with the additional possibility to option the name-rights for the First Seder AS WELL AS the Second Seder (for the more observant or those not averse to anticlimactic family get-togethers).  And it goes without saying that exposure potential will be leveraged while Jews the world over gather to study together at the Microsoft Tikkun Leil Shavuot™ with blintzes generously provided by Coca Cola™.

Of course, the Jewish year experiences a bit of a lull during the summer months (but there are surely some avenues to explore for further branding in the camp world) – but fear not as the calendar builds up to the High Holydays.  (They are not called “HIGH” for nothing.)  Pom-Wonderful™ Shofar blowing and Disney™ Kol Nidre are but two of many marquee events in the Jewish year – and provide unrivaled access to Jewish people of all demographics.

With the revenues from all these naming rights and subsidiary sponsorships, the Jewish Community™ should be able to weather the Great Recession and emerge stronger, more resolute and fiscally viable as it confronts the challenges of the Coming Century™ and the inevitable increase in Day School Tuition.
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