Your attitudes toward Israel - and your clothes... give them to me, now.

Let us try a time-travelling experiment without need for any elaborate mechanisms or recourse to nudity (ala The Terminator).

Read this piece by Gil Troy first.

Then (re-)read the earlier piece by Jesse Lieberfeld here.

True, Gil Troy’s piece comes in response and reaction to Lieberfeld’s MLK Day essay, but in a sense, one could read Lieberfeld’s piece as if he time-travelled into the future and read Troy’s piece before JPost ran the McGill professor’s take-down (of a American high school student, well-played, sir!) … and then returned to his own timeline to write his essay.

But consider this…

Does it really matter in which order one reads these kinds of pieces any more?

And, more sadly, is it so difficult to appreciate and understand why the authors (spokespeople in a way, for their respective generations) feel as betrayed and distanced as they do by each other?

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