… admit, nay, recruit non-Jewish students!  

Like this school does in Foster City, California…

J.J. Goldberg wrote that liberal day schools were “stuck in neutral” (but did not mention the “A” word by way of explanation in his piece either… hmm…)  All you need are some semitically-challenged students to kick the car back into drive!

This Abraham is not Jewish.

This Abraham is not Jewish.

Says a Grade 11 student at another Bay Area Jewish institution:

I think learning Jewish tradition and history is pretty interesting. I get to learn about a culture I would have never really thought about.

True that and well said!

The interested young man, Kapi’i Cole by name, can also speak Hebrew and hold his own at any Shabbat table.  What a catch!

That non-Jews would opt in to the day school experience makes sense considering how public education has degraded over the past forty years in the United States.   But that day schools would actively recruit the semitically-challenged is new.

This Abraham is.

This Abraham is Jewish.

Kehillah Head of School Lillian Howard said:

The educational and ethical foundations of Jewish culture are attractive to diverse families [and] there are non-Jewish students for whom this is a good fit… And it works very well for us because we are a pluralistic school that values diversity.

The fact that the school had a 14% bump in recent years did not hurt the bottom line either.

You can read the rest of the piece here.


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