Compliments of Rabbi Shaul Robinson at Lincoln Square Synagogue:

Let the greatest Rabbis in the Jewish world go to Bet Shemesh. Let each walk a little second grader to school. Let their rebbetzins hold a girl’s hand and say, “Come my dear, don’t be afraid, I will walk you to school.” Let them, our Gedolim, our Torah giants, look in the face of the Chasidim yelling “Nazi” at little girls and Jewish policemen and tell them to be silent.

Show your love for klal yisarel! (The people of Israel)

That’s condemnation – not a press release – but tochacha, rebuke.

But that’s not all we need.

For the rest of the Tenth of Tevet edition of yet-another-North-American-can-of-whoop-ass-opened-up-on-the-haredi-extremists-in-Beit-Shemesh, click here.

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