It seems that not one but two haredi children filed police reports, maintaining that they were subject to abuse by seculars.

Also, two haredi Beit Shemesh residents were arrested for allegedly producing and distributing the flyer below:

The story of the “Nazi pashkvevil” was broken by Yaki Adamker and Eli Schleshinger of BeHadrei Haredim, the haredi website targetted by hackers back in mid-December.  (Incidentally, the piece refers to the two men arrested as “extremists”!  Has the haredi mainstream turned against the “extremists” in Beit Shemesh?  Perhaps…)

Under the screaming headline “Freshly Imported from Berlin”, the face of Jerusalem police chief “Adolf” Niso Shaham was photoshopped onto Hitler’s body… and photoshopped rather poorly.  In fact, it would be an insult to photoshoppers of various skill-sets to say that what was done here was “photoshopping” at all.  It looks more like the two “extremists” used some scissors and Elmer’s glue to affix Shaham’s face over Hitler’s and photocopied the “masterpiece” on a Xerox 914.  At least, Shaham’s face is sort of facing the right way…

As someone who is (a) Jewish and (b) a casual user of Photoshop CS4 (I probably should upgrade to CS5, but I do not have a spare $4,570 laying around), I am profoundly offended by this poster. Feh!

When will this outrage cease?

…And when will these extremists acquire some computer skills?

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