Reports from Kikar HaShabbat, a haredi website, indicate that haredi children are now being attacked by “seculars”.

(In case you were not aware, “seculars,” according to HaRav Aharon Leib Steinman, are “an eirev rav [“mixed multititudes” of rabble that left Egypt with the Israelites] that hate Jews.”   … so “the seculars” are not to be trusted.  Tsk. Tsk.)

David L., age 11, was set upon by two men today in Jerusalem.  They prevented him from boarding a local bus to his heider.  They slapped him and shouted at him.  David managed to attach himself to a group of people and escaped his attackers.  He was later quoted as saying: “I am afraid to walk on the street”.

…which reminded me of another child, eight year old Na’ama Margolese in Beit Shemesh, who, too, cried “I’m frightened” after being spat upon by haredi men.  …which sparked protests and counter-protests, statements by MKs and grand declarations by PMs.

The incitement on both sides has crossed the line between speech and action.  Vitriol has been supplanted by and supplemented with violence.

That Israeli society tolerated the physical and (dare I say) sexual harassment of women for weeks years on buses, at the Kotel etc etc etc by men of all shades, hair-lengths, etc etc etc without rising up in Knesset plenum and the streets to protest is enough to give one pause … but how many more children must be victimized by this madness before religious, political and communal leaders condemn these activities unequivocally and parley so concrete steps can be put into place to put this insanity to an end?

The answer, sadly, is Not Enough.

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