I posted earlier that, it seems, the only critique of Israeli policy (or Israeli inaction vis-a-vis policy) that carries the kosher stamp in North America relates to the shenanigans of the ultra-Orthodox.

And yet, of late, I have grown a little uncomfortable with the vitriol directed against that very vocal (and still a) minority of ultra-Orthodox Jews, esp. in light of the disgusting goings-on in Beit Shemesh where, among other things, a seven-year old girl was spat upon for not dressing modestly enough.

I squirm with each linking to Channel 2 report where a haredi cab driver tells the reporter that he is healthy while the secular are sick and that, eventually, Israel will become a haredi state.  I also shudder with each share of YouTube videos of haredi interactions with police (i.e, “rioting”), all posted clearly to rile the North American base, watched by thousands who secretly hope to see police give the dosim the smackdown folks feel they so righteously deserve.  Then there is the user-generated media, like this:

which, I have to admit, is weak on execution – and, upon further consideration, stinks with bad taste and (cue ominous music) a whiff of Jew-hatred.

Please note: I did not play the “A” card.  I do not think the term applies here, but feel free to bandy the term about and see how far that gets you in a North American context when referring to the bad feelings felt by non-haredi Jews toward the haredim.   How many feathers will that ruffle, ya think?

I would rather the ultra-Orthodox be “dealt with” through the courts or the ballot box – not on the streets.

I would rather North American Jews “deal with” the ultra-Orthodox by watching where their money goes when they send it eastward.  But that might be too much to ask…

I have also had enough of footage of police brutalizing civilians.

So perhaps so many folks have piled on the Beit Shemesh/haredi craziness bandwagon that its wheels have fallen off… but then comes word of this…

B’nai B’rith, an international Jewish organization of Jewish men and women, conducted a Hannukah-candle lighting at the Hurva Synagogue where, as Dan Brown wrote, the women’s section is “so high up opera glasses are helpful to see what is taking place” and synagogue policy prohibits women from the main beit knesset at all times.

Nice.  Well played.

I suppose the supply of crazy pills is not limited to one sector of our community.

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