… … the epicentre of anti-Israel deligitimization, the birthplace of Israel Apartheid Week, and the catalytic converter of the BDS movement!

The keffiyeh is the Nike swoosh of Palestinian resistance, terrorism and … though it is not available with the purchase of a dozen Today’s Special doughnuts from Double D, it remains a functional scarf that keeps the cold off your neck and the sand out of your face.  You can also use it to clean your glasses and dab the sweat off your weary brow!!

Rachael Ray, pleb foodie connoisseur or al-Qaeda mole?

I had worn a keffiyeh for years in Israel, a red-black-and white one I picked up in Jerash.  And then, in October 2000, Intifada 2: Throw Harder put an end to all that, making the keffiyeh garmenta-non-grata.

With the release of the Israeli keffiyeh, I decided that I could wear my favourite neckwear again.

But walking the streets of Toronto aroused some eyebrows (especially at the Miles Nadal JCC) and, coupled with a very large kippah, made for some very interesting reactions from folks on the street.

One African guy must have thought I was a Muslim because he saw me, made eye contact and nodded favourably.

An Orthodox Jew at Shoppers Drug first saw the keffiyeh, assumed it was a keffiyeh and, as I was not melanin-ically over-blessed, figured I must be one of those U. of Toronto  leftie hater.  But then he caught sight of my kippah … and then he noticed the “Am Yisrael Hai” pattern… and visibly softened.

In a sense, people saw what they wanted to see.

Who would have thought a scarf could also be a rorschach test?

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