I wrote about “BeHadrei Haredim”, a haredi web portal, in End Of The Jews as a shining example of ambivalence in the haredi world vis-a-vis the interwebs.  The site’s name is a play on “behadrei hadarim” – which means “secretly” or “privately” as internet use is not supposed to be something done openly and publicly in the Haredi sector… except… well… it is.

Haredi surfers click here (in Hebrew) and often for news, opinion, banner ads and surprisingly candid critique of goings-on in the community.

However, between the 12th and 13th of December, users were surprised to discover that someone replaced pictures of rabbis with porn.  Ynet reported that concerned users flooded the website with calls to apprise them of the change in content.

But who was responsible for this perfidious assault?  Ynet quotes website manager Dov Poversky who opined that:

We must be too powerful, and therefore someone decided to hurt us and drop a stink bomb on the website… At this stage I can’t rule out anyone being behind it, from politicians to people hurt by the website. I believe we’ll eventually know who’s responsible.

Looking forward to an Anonymous video release on YouTube decrying cholent and segregated buses, it seems that the attack was simply a case of score-settling.   …Which is rather telling.  Whether hackers have either deemed a haredi website hack-worthy or individuals within the haredi community added hacking alongside herem as part of their arsenal, one can safely say that, despite all the vociferous protestations to the contrary, the haredim have truly entered the 21st century.  Welcome!


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