Five Canadian-Tire dollars to the individual who can identify which rabbi wrote the following paragraph:


Is it I, Lord?

I believe Orthodoxy no longer exists as a coherent ideology. There are gangs of rabbis in different clubs. Sometimes they work together, sometimes against each other, depending on their interest of the moment. In the meantime they have so eroded their moral and legal footing that even the once faithful are falling away. So many people have gone down this path that even the fundamental practices of our faith have become twisted and unrecognizable. And here we are at another moment of niggling erosion where rabbis who could spend valuable time and energy have misplaced their power and in so doing lost a little more of what little relevance they may have left.

Is it:

  • a combative Reform Rabbi?
  • a flailing Conservative Rabbi with a death-wish?
  • a bellicose Reconstructionist Rabbi?
  • an outraged Orthodox Rabbi?

Hint: (or Spoiler?):  The rabbi in question is the Associate University Chaplain of the Jewish Community at Brown University.

The answer, along with the whole post, is here.  Click and learn.

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