Getting-to-Sad Bibi

Widely reported as the “DaVinci Code for Tantrums”, a recently released study by researchers Michael Potegal and James A. Green claims that the trick to getting a child’s tantrum to end as expeditiously as possible is to get the child past the throes of anger. Once the child has finished being angry, what remains is sadness – and sad children reach out for comfort.

And what is the quickest way past the anger?

The scientists said: Do nothing.  

(For the link to the abstract, click here.)

So what does this mean for the Middle East?  Well, the next time that Bibi gets angry, or Khaled Mashaal begins to throw objects at his advisors, or Abu Mazen tries to kick you in the shins, the best thing for the adults in the room to do is nothing.  One might be tempted to engage, discuss or scold, but the call for inaction is supported by science!  Do nothing!   Let them work through the anger, the yelling and screaming… and eventually, they will grow sad and seek the comfort of a warm hug and some hot cocoa.

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