So I am not going to claim a scintilla of credit for getting Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption to withdraw its Christmas/Hannukah :30 spot… (if you look for it on YouTube, you WILL NOT find it… ) but it was sure fun jumping on board to heap ridicule, scorn and criticism on the insipid campaign and it is now even more fun linking to all the parody videos wherein Israelis observe that you can take the Israeli out of Israel but it is MUCH harder to take Israel out of the Israeli.  Hee hee!

Enjoy the sampling below:

… which led @OccupyJudaism to muse: “Wonder what else we could change about Israel with a little more outcry.”

… which also led me to wonder:  Why pull only the “Christmas” clip?  I guess the “Dafna” is vague enough (Is the boyfriend really even Jewish – or just horny?) and the “Daddy” is cutesy enough to withstand the wrath of bloggers and raised eyebrows from mainstream media outlets like the NY Times… and even ABE FOXMAN!

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