Hear O Israelis living outside THE LAND!

Intermarriage is BAD!  Please keep your distance from well-meaning-yet-pernicious individuals who will alienate you from the Moledet.  In other words, stay away from AMERICAN JEWS!

Watch and learn:

These life-preservers in the form of YouTube videos come to you compliments of Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption who have taken out ads in five American communities warning Israeli expatriates that their identities are IN PERIL if they tarry too long in Exile.

Don’t let Aba become DADDY!  Don’t let Motek become HONEY!  COME HOME NOW!!

If you think I am exaggerating, check out the Ministry homepage here.

(I wonder: Who are these ads targeting when the intermarried in question are referred to as “them”?  Perhaps that Skyping Saba and Savta who look like their granddaughter soiled the rug when she shouted “CHRISTMAS!!”?  Are they the ones supposed to “help them come back to Israel”?  Because if I was the “them”, the “Daddy”, the “Honey”, the “Dafna”… would I take so kindly to being dissed by the very people who want me to reunite with them?  Probably not.)

I tend to think there are probably less insulting arguments one could make for repatriation… but why mince words?  North American Jews are very good for buying JNF trees, promoting AIPAC and buying T-shirts on the midrechov in Jerusalem but heaven forfend they should marry an Israeli and keep him or her languishing in wretched dispersion!  Bizayon!!  

You have been warned!!

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