It only took about a month or so, but, at last, the CJN finally published TWO, count ’em, TWO pieces about #OccupyToronto and, more to the point, the Jewish involvement in #Occupy activities down in St. James Park.

The first was a piece about the sukkah Jewish protestors built in St. James Park amidst all the rabid, seething unwashed antisemites who are the true face of the Occupy movement… Apologies!  I was reading the Emergency Committee for Israel release about #OWS … please disregard everything after the word “Park”.  The CJN went on to quote Daniel Roth, a Shmutznik, who said:

Jewish thought, culture, history and faith are all rooted in a vision of justice, compassion and equity. The Occupy movement is deeply in line with Jewish values. To work in this movement is to do a mitzvah.

In all, a remarkably positive piece – albeit a bit late – about the Jews of #OccupyToronto.   Did the earth stir, or was it just me?

Let us now move on to the second item: an op-ed by Rabbi Marmur.  A powerful piece.  A brave piece. (He wrote a variation for the Toronto Star.)  I have often read Rabbi Marmur’s pieces and thought to myself how guarded and measured his comments were, how couched in niceties he was about goings-on in the world or Toronto’s Jewish community.  Here, too, Rabbi Marmur wrote with guard, measure and couch, but he concluded with an image that should reverberate through the halls of every community edifice in this city… shiny new buildings that are empty “while those expected to use them study and pray in the park.”

Could this be the new slogan for the Jewish 99%?


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