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(Dead) Minuval?

So, it was not bad enough that Lord Sacks, or Rabbi Sacks (or however you wish to call him,) said some other questionable things, say, about Conservative Judaism in 1995 when he called them “intellectual thieves” and accused them as “severing links with the faith of their ancestors”.  Or, in 1997, when he mouthed off about Rabbi Hugo Gryn, calling the Reform leader and Auschwitz survivor “among those who destroy the faith“.  Or the JFS #fail in 2009 when Sacks took the enviable position of arguing that a Jewish child should not be admitted to a Jewish school because he was not Jewish enough.

Well, hold on to your black velvet kippot… Rabbi Lord Sacks strikes again. This time, he has his sights locked on the most nefarious moving target of all: Steve Jobs.
Apparently, among other things, Steve Jobs was responsible for “helping to create a selfish society“.   (As if Rupert Murdoch or thousands of living others had nothing to do with fostering selfishness… but I digress.)
Sacks’ remarks would be funny if they were not so mean-spirited.  Though I did not line up to lionize the inventor of the Macintosh computer, I wonder if the Lord Rabbi was sick that day when Rabbi school had that lesson about lo’eg la’rash – that is, not mocking the dead, for the dead cannot defend themselves.

…which only leads me to conclude that the time has come for the institution of Chief Rabbi to be retired – along with its current office holder.  Why wait until 2013?

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