I have been a bit distracted lately working on galley proofs of End of the Jews and other vanity of vanities… and with the passing of the weeks, I recalled that I have long neglected the unrolling of Thoughts 4, 5 and 6 about “peoplehood.”  So, here, in a thought-nutshell, three more thoughts about “peoplehood”:

Read Rabbi Elie Kaunfer’s op-ed.

Re-read Rabbi Elie Kaunfer’s op-ed.

Then think about it some more.

Not that Rabbi Kaunfer’s op-ed was a mind-blowing polemical tour-de-force, but its context made it important.

Following the verbiage coming out of Denver (including an e-mail which gathered the best tweets from the GA and thus defeated the purpose of twitter), I came across Rabbi Kaunfer’s op-ed, a variation of which he delivered as a speech at the JFNA General Assembly.  Though I am sure what he said annoyed some folks in Denver, it is not by any means revolutionary:

[H]ere’s the problem with [continuity] theory: In our zeal to ensure the Jewish future, we forgot to articulate why it matters for Judaism to continue.

This observation has been said elsewhere before by others.  Including this blog.

Nevertheless, it is should be pointed out that for an invited speaker to get up at the GA and basically tell the continuity people that continuity is hollowed out as a galvanizing narrative and funding formula took a lot of chootspah.

And with that, continuity has now officially tipped, toppled over and broken.  The continuity people should now be in need of another buzzword, slogan and brand.

May I nominate chootspah?  It is topical, short and punchy – and can be branded with the following, compelling image:

Here's JUDAISM!!



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