So I have been thinking a lot about the kind of reporting and opinion I consume online and yes, like most folks, I tend to read stuff that falls safely within the gravitational pull of my political galaxy.

In other words, I am well ensconced in the echo chamber.  When I am not reading, say, Firedoglake or 3quarksdaily , I like to bounce quarters off the floor just to hear the sound reverberate.

However, I have tried to bust out of my comfort zone by consuming a steady diet of op-eds from the Wall Street Journal, National Post and Jerusalem Post (and NO I am not linking to them….  Find their tripe on your own!)   I have also friended folks on FB who sit 90° or more obverse to me on the spectrum.  And man, it is tough … to read David Brooks, Charles KrautWARhammer, Mark Steyn, Dick Morris and the trolls folks at Investor’s Business Daily and all the FB updates that link to pieces by Brooks, Krauthammer, Steyn blablablabla and all the associated snarky, jingoistic comments, the flagrant positioning and posturing and all the exclamation points…

So does consuming what qualifies as “thinking” on the right make me a more well-rounded person or just a candidate for an ulcer?

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