My intensely thoughtful spouse Noa pointed out that it was the #j14 protests in Tel Aviv (and not Tunisia or Tahrir Square) that gave folks living in Western democracies a green light to launch grass-roots, leaderless protest movements of their own.   The lesson learned from #j14 was quite simple:  You need not suffer under a totalitarian dictatorship in order to protest shocking inequalities in your society.  When democracies have serious problems that government will not address, only the people can force government to act.

So, for those who have no clue as to the goals of OccupyWallStreet (as opposed to, say, the Tea Party [i.e., CUT government] or the folks in Tahrir [i.e., CUT dictatorship]), you can read the first official statement/ manifesto here.  The Guardian’s coverage can be found here.  I note the Guardian’s piece because no other major American media outlet has really given any serious consideration (besides some short pieces simply covering the event as a “curiosity” or ignoring it because it was not newsworthy [like NPR] but then reconsidered or recent efforts which echo-chamber wire reports on the protest like this) to what has been going on down the street from their Manhattan offices in Liberty Park…

You can read about #OccupyChicago here.  The folks there have a different issue to confront – no park in which to sleep.

You can read about #OccupyTogether,the hub of all Occupy efforts spreading across the USA, North America and Europe … including Toronto!

You can also check out eleven infographics about inequality in the USA that will make your blood boil here.

You can download protest posters here.

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