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Jews and camp? For real?

According to Abigail Pickus, it’s Jewish camp!   Cheaper than day schools (but not by much if you calculate cost per week) yet packs (almost) the same Jewish continuity punch… well, not exactly… although:

The [Foundation for Jewish Camp] plan also references recent studies in the Jewish world that show a direct link between Jewish summer camps and an increased involvement and commitment to Jewish life, practice and leadership roles within the Jewish world.

Ta da!

Strange though… as I made my way through the piece, I was waiting for Abigail Pickus to let us in on her institutional affiliation… as in was she an employee of the FJC?   Her piece read like a press release from the Foundation… but apparently, NO.  She writes for …

Nevertheless, every time I think of summer camp (and I do think of it sometimes with some wistfulness, longing and sexual frisson as I was a counsellor in Conover, WI @ Camp Ramah), I also recall the words of Donald Glover who said:

Jewish people love summer camp.  They all went to the same summer camp.  Which is weird, because if I was Jewish I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a camp.

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