TanakhCast #122: The God’s Girlfriend-Not-Girlfriend Edition


In this week’s episode: Ezekiel 8-11.  We continue in the book of Ezekiel with some thoughts about God and his girlfriend-not-girlfriend Asherah.

This four-tiered cult stand (right) found at Tanaach is thought to represent Yahweh and Asherah, with each deity being depicted on alternating tiers.

Photo: © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem/Israel Antiquities Authority





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I have been PATREONized!

A quick note and BIG THANKS to my first Patreon supporter Rory David.

May he go from strength to strength!

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TanakhCast #110: The Snowflake Edition



In this week’s episode: Jeremiah 12-15.  We continue in the book of Jeremiah with a consideration of racist language, feelings and snowflakes.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I realize that in the process of discussing the toxicity of the “K” word and other racial language, I used the “K” word.  I said it out loud.  Numerous times.

It is obviously a less loaded term to English speakers because it is in Hebrew… but nonetheless, not appropriate.  If its use offended y’all, dear listeners, I apologize.

ICYMI, here’s the hate-crimer from Oregon crying about being caught.




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