TanakhCast #93: The Fremdschämen und Schadenfreude Edition


iwkad22rIn this week’s episode: Isaiah 12–15.  We continue in the book of Isaiah with a consideration of empathy and reveling in the suffering of others.

And ICYMI, the Atlantic piece about concepts that need a pithy word in English can be found here and the journal article about the connection between empathy and fremdschämen can be found here.



TanakhCast #90: The Celebrity Cause Edition


bandaidIn this week’s episode: Isaiah 1-3.  We begin the book of Isaiah with an introduction to the Latter Prophets and a consideration of celebrity goodwill-making and its effectiveness.

ICYMI, here’s proof that, despite the evening news, the world is getting better!

And here are the clips to all the benefit songs alluded to in this week’s episode…

I would have embedded Northern Lights’ “Tears Are Not Enough”, but “embedding was disabled by request” so click here to watch Canada’s pride sing for Africa.  The same is true for Rene & Nathalie Simard / Celine Dion who sang “Les yeux de la faim” (“The Eyes of Hunger”) so click here if you are so disposed.